About US


Jaee Goswami & Associates is a proprietary firm specialising in corporate laws. CS Jaee Goswami started this firm in 2008 with an objective to provide strategic legal counselling in corporate laws to domestic as well as international businesses. With a unique focus on establishing and growing companies, we at Jaee Goswami & Associates make an effort to align ourselves with our clients to understand their business needs in order to develop efficient solutions and safeguards.

Our approach is to create a sound legal and ethical framework within which the business can securely operate over a long period of time. Ethical practices are also important because these may be future legislations so the corporates are well prepared for that.

Small and medium sized companies as they grow are exposed to much legislation. Having a strong legal framework and policies in place will only help the management to cope up with smooth functioning of the growing business.

Firm values:

  • Integrity: Adherence to moral and ethical principles is the foundation of our firm. It is our strong belief that integrity is one of the most important values on the basis of which the firm can flourish and progress.

  • Excellence: We strive to achieve professional excellence because we truly believe that it not only delivers better results but also gives intrinsic satisfaction.

  • Client relationship: We believe in establishing a strong and long term relationship with our clients on the basis of faith and trust between the two of us.

How we work:

The essence of our approach lies in understanding the unique requirements of every client. Technical expertise put together with the study of clients’ businesses and what propels their industries and markets helps us deliver highest standards of services.